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Visit www.characterchallengecourse.com today! Needing a speaker for a large group school presentation? Large athletic team building program in Minnesota? Leadership program to prepare …
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The Character Challenge Course focuses on the notion that leaders are not born, but they are made. It is the life experiences that a person has that mold and shape their character, desires,  goals, and future. Our experiences will provide a foundation for this process to occur, in a rich outdoor environment filled with obstacles, teambuilding, friendships, and physical and social development. Our philosophy is that we are a partner with you in this journey and want to bring out the best our of every guest that we work with.


The Four Pillars

1. To IGNITE your character development through experiential education, hands-on learning, and life application.
2. To INSTILL physical, social, mental, and emotional development using discussions, teachings, small group problem solving, and skill development.
3. To use ADRENALINE to help push past fears, overcome adversity, identify strengths, and discover areas of growth.
4. To use ADVENTURE to capture your heart  and inspire teamwork, leadership, lifelong learning and friendships.