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Low Elements:

Meuse: There are two large platforms spaced approximately 20' apart and have 8 smaller 1'x1' platforms scattered between them. You will use three planks and your best puzzle solving capabilities to, as a team, traverse the gap between the two large platforms. A great element for working together and utilziing available resource.

Spider Web: The job at the Spider Web is to find a way for all of your team to go through each small opening within 20 minutes. The web has meshes with an size of approx. 30 x 40 cm each, whereas every mesh should only be crossed one time without touching the web threats. For accomplishing the task, you should develop a plan how you will work together before starting. Main concepts taught are boundaries, strengths, and problem solving. A favorite of many campers!

Trust Fall: This element is approximately four feet from the ground. Using a serious of commands, you will fall from the top into the arms of the spotters waiting below you. Proper spotting techniques and commands are taught and utilized by your team. The trust fall challenges you to step outside of your comfort zone and challenges you on new and exciting levels. The trust fall works effectively as a tool for communicating, trust issues, and developing teamwork.

Swinging Log: The swinging log is suspended and only those with the greatest of balance will keep from ending up in the lion's den. You will have to traverse the log with nothing to hold on to while it sways to and fro. You will realize that there may be success or failture, but each will allow for growth personally and as a team. It will also allow for reflection, the need to change, and the inability to control all situations.

Nitro Crossing: This element has a simulation activity. Imagine your team is a group of fire fighters and has been called to fight a fire in Yellowstone. After parachuting, you all ended up on the wrong side of the canyon. You now have to swing your whole team across the canyon utilizing a rope that a helicopter has dropped. If one member falls in the whole team has to come back. The support of one another is crucial for success.

Tension Traverse: This element is a cable with a rope perpendicular to it. You have to traverse the cable with only the rope to use for balance. A great metaphor for maintaining personal and organizational balance.

Wild Woozy: This element consists of two steel cables strained to a triangle among three trees in a height of approximately a foot off the ground. The task is that two campers try to get from one corner of the triangle to another, while leaning against each other with hands locked. This element is practice for the commitment bridge, which is the same element 35 feet off the ground. The more you learn to lean, trust, and believe in yourself and one another…the farther you will accomplish this task!

Telephone Pole Shuffle: This is a traversing element that is similar to a balance beam. A telephone pole is placed a few feet off of the ground using shorter supporting poles. Your team will stand on the pole and attempt, one at a time, to change positions and navigate to the other side of the element without ever stepping off of the pole. Your team may utilize many different methods to get each of your team members to traverse the pole. It works effectively as a tool for exploring trust issues, communicating, planning, and teamwork. MAC camps are sure to develop these character traits and more at one of Minnesota's best leadership camps.

All Aboard: This element is a balancing act in every sense. It will free you from any remaining self-conscious feelings about trust and communication. 'The closer, the better' is the rule here, as the group tries to fit as many people as possible on the platform. This is a great element to start the day and get a group going!

Mohawk Walk: You will engage in a simulation activity where you must imagine your team has run out of food. The lives of hundreds rest in your hands. The only way to be successful is for your team to cross the great Gorge and reach a neighboring group and return with food. The bridge that you built was washed away in the snowmelt, but there is a single horizontal vine that crosses each of the four branches of the Gorge. You must cross the Gorge in order to reach the food and supplies. This is a physical element that uses balance, coordination, teambuilding, and real world skills to succeed.

Initiative Wall: The initiative wall is a vertical wooden wall approximately 10 feet tall. Your team must develop a plan to ensure that you all make it safely over the wall. Only two people are allowed to help at the top of the wall and once a camper has made it over the wall, they can no longer lift another camper. Determination, leadership, communication, and initiative are skills mastered with this element.