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High Elements:

3G Swing: An option as an individual element, the 3G Swing is set on a 27 foot platform. The name 3G comes from the 3 Gs of force you will experience from the fall! You must take a step off from the platform and free fall until the slack tightens. This element requires courage but provides one of the biggest thrills at C4.  This element will leave you breathless and wanting to experience it one more time! Being brave, standing out, and just "doing it" are the highlights of the swing and you are sure to not be disappointed.

Leap of Faith: An element where you will climb to the top of a utility pole approximately 30 feet off the ground. From the top of this pole, you must obtain balance and composure, then jump to a trapeze bar 5 feet away. This is an element where goal setting is discussed, as well as perseverance and finding your own strengths within. Committment is a key factor to being a leader and the leap of faith takes sheer committment to succeed!

Team Ladder: A ladder composed of routered 4x4s is suspended by cables. The 4x4s begin 3 feet apart and the distance increases as you climb the element. The element is conquered by two campers working together with help from their team as they are belayed. You must communicate your needs to the team, learn to ask for help, and problem solve. An incredibly physically and mentally challenging element for both campers to accomplish.

Committment Bridge: This activity requires two campers to work together and trust one another as they navigate a growing gap between two high wires 35 feet in the air. Partners are forced to rely on each other’s weight and balance to maximize their distance covered. You must communicate, identify strengths and weaknesses, and trust one another for success to occur.

Challenge Course & Zipline:

Burma Bridge: You get to traverse a primitive looking bridge made of three main cables: a foot line and two hand lines that are connected by ropes at regular intervals. This element includes a long traverse of the ropes course and provides a great introduction to being up high with a moderate degree of difficulty.

Postman's Walk: An element with only two parts: the foot and hand line. The foot line is a taut cable while the hand line is a thick rope with plenty of slack in it. The key to a successful and sturdy traverse is counterintuitive; you must arrange yourself so you lean your bodyweight against the hand line, which means you will lean out slightly past your own feet. Although thrilling (or scary!) the more weight you put against the hand line, the less slack (potential for wiggle and movement in the rope) there will be as you move across the element.

Jungle Line Walk: This element uses a metal foot cable for balance as you move from one high platform to another with a rope that runs overhead with many "grapevines" (vertical hand lines) dropping down as handholds.

Indiana Jones Bridge: An element where you will plank to another that is 10 inches or so away and 35 feet off the ground. Were the challenge to jump the same distance on the ground it might not be that intimidating, however at a height of 35 feet, the walk through open space between planks takes on a new dimension of mental difficulty.

Zipline: Course concludes with a thrilling 370' zipline ride overlooking the lake.